07 February 2006

With Technology, It's All Possible

Hi there! My name is Anne Woodward, though longtime readers may remember me as The Gal Who Used To Update This Website Semi-Reliably.

Many of you, at this point, will have noticed that nothing has happened around these parts since late last year. It's just for situations like these that we here at Open Epistle keep a time machine hanging around.

It's often said that the writing life is often something of a Catch-22. If you have plenty of time to write, it's probable that you've nothing to write about. On the other hand, if you find yourself on the seat of your pants more than once a day, it's sure to make a fine tale, but no time to ink it out. You can assure yourself that the era as of yet not recorded on this blog was the latter.

Hence the post. "Hence," I say!

Tomorrow marks the end of two glorious weeks of vacation, thanks to Chinese Lunar New Year. In the remaining hours of my vacation, with the help of my time machine, I shall attempt to revisit key moments in the six weeks of my absence, and make posts from the actual time they occurred, which will then appear as though they had always been there. This may prove tricky, and I'm hoping not to make any large rents in the space-time continuum. If, in fact, I return to the present in the form of an anthropomorphized soy bean, there's going to be a fair amount of explaining. I can take that chance. For my readers, I can take that chance.

Be prepared for a lot of pictures.