04 August 2006

Just a Blip

Hey, whaddya know, I have a blog.

I finally got that plane ticket home from Taiwan, too. Only I had so much luggage, and the bus that was supposed to take 90 minutes to get to the airport, it turned out, now takes 180 minutes, that Yule decided I would cry trying to take the train. So he and YiWen drove me themselves. After that, debacle, there's not much of a travel story to tell, because it's just the same old ten-hour-layover-in-LAX sob story anyway.

I thought to myself on the airplane over the sea, "one day, tomorrow even, all this waiting to get home won't even matter anymore, even though during these 13 hours over the ocean, it's all I can think about." 24 hours after leaving Taiwan, I stepped into the cleanest air I thought I'd ever breathed. Ahh, Sacramento. I could even see stars in the sky. Mom and Dad said, "gee, it's so hot," and I said, "What?"

Three days later I bought a new car. Two weeks after that I drove it to St. Louis, where I am now. Right now is a quiet evening cooling off after hundred-degree days. I'm setting up the classroom and school will start soon.

This has been the summertime update; an attempt to stay on the radar. Drink some lemonade and swing in a hammock for awhile. The next you check, there might be something more exciting going on.