16 May 2005

Details, Details

I got a mailing from World Mission the other day, it's cover letter greeting me thus:

Missionary Woodward,
Should you accept this mission...

The communication instructed me to open the contents in a private place. When I came to the end of the letter I detected a small, suspicious-looking device before I read the following:

This letter will self destruct in five seconds.

So you see, the Lord's Work is really a lot of fun. I can't tell you any more or else I'll have to excommunicate you. I kid. Nothing self-destructed. And I can tell you ALL ABOUT my mission! (The fancy-colored links in text will lead you away from this site, NOT open new windows, and give more info on what I'm writing about, like an instant-footnote)

I'm set to leave for a little island off the southeast coast of China in August. This is Taiwan. Population, about 22 million. Total area: 13,900 square miles. In ChiaYi, a city in the central west region of the island, LCMS World Mission has started a school called Concordia English Language Academy. It's a private elementary and high school where kids learn in a 100% english-speaking environment and also where I'll be teaching, my handy-dandy degree in Elementary Education having just been earned from Concordia University. Yee haw!

This is a one-year committment to begin with, but missionaries are recommended to use what they learned the first year and keep the momentum going with a second year. I'm hoping for this momentum and tentatively planning on two years.

It costs $4,800 to support a missionary (in this instance, me) in this field for one year. What I'm doing this summer is partnering with churches for financial support and prayer. This is a great part of missions because it gives Christ followers in America the chance to be my legs and, well, crutches, for the sake of the gospel, in a land far far away. Hopefully not my gurney, but you never know with God. Heh.

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