09 May 2005

Ta Da!

I'm happy to announce a new adventure!

This August, under the aegis of many loving supporters and LCMS World Mission, I'm taking off for Taiwan, where I'll teach english at the Concordia English Language Academy in Chiayi. I've built this website in order to provide a closer look for all those who can't go with me but upon whose shoulders I stand.

Please note the links and prayer requests on the righthand side of the page. These will be updated as needed. As this community develops, feel free to leave comments below any posting. If you would like to receive an email notifying you of each time this site is updated, please click on the email link on the right. Check in frequently for news and pictures.

And now for the latest:
Because of a generous offer from a family in Cornelius, Oregon, I am able to stay relatively close to the Portland area for the month of May in order to partner with churches here and have a chance to relax, pray, and make preparations. I am hopeful because of what the Lord has provided for me so far. In June I will return to my home church in Lodi, California, where already many friends have been praying for me.