24 August 2005

Before and...Before

If you are not my mother, or another teacher, or a big fan of that "Clean Sweep" television program, today's entry may not hold a good deal of your interest. Two days ago my 6th grade classroom, newly remodeled: looked like this:

The newspapers cover boxes and boxes of books, currently (as I type!) being shelved in the newly finished library next door to my classroom. Though it may not be apparent, the room was covered in construction dust and a slimy green kind of...dirt had to be scrubbed off the I-beams. And the windows! Don't get me started, don't even get me started.

But by the end of the day we had it put together pretty well. Try and imagine these two right next to each other.

It's a little bare; there's still a good deal to be done. Next week Wednesday the students come in. This classroom is for my 11 6th graders.