16 August 2005

International Airport Land

And so it begins.

It seems to me that the short flight from Sacramento to San Francisco has already brought me to a different country, of sorts, located within the arachnid network that is SFO, San Francisco International Airport. Even crossing over into the international portion of the airport, I felt I was walking on foreign soil. Maybe a no man's land. Really, to be more accurate, an everyman's land. The flight to Taipei connects people to destinations all over the eastern world. Tonight I met a woman on her way back home to Jahkarta and a man visiting relatives in Cambodia.

Despite all the new faces, I only have eyes for one. The only member of my team to fly out of San Francisco with me, Anna Meyer, has not shown up anywhere in the terminal. She flies from Wisconsin today. We do not have a way to get in touch. According to the ticket counter, she had not checked in and of course I don't see her at the gate either. I suppose that once she gets here, there'll be no more time for bloggercising. So we'll live it up while we have the chance.

Though I have thanked many of you in person, I'm also aware that prayers are being offered on my behalf from places I may not even know of. Let me offer my thanks. I know that as I sit here, only beginning to swim in a sea of unfamiliar faces, I am here because of the prayers ad support of countless brothers and sisters, and of course in the hollow of the Lord's hand. There is nothing he has not provided. Not one thing.

Including, presently, one (1) Anna Meyer!

Next time, from Taipei!