06 September 2005

All the Accoutrements Again

Maybe it was lightening, maybe it was providence, but for the last four days, the Practice Hotel lost its connection to the internet. This was a troubling prospect for us, the intrepid polytopians we had come to be--only through the magic of the internet. But we noticed something. All of a sudden there was no "default activity". We were not constantly stealing away to make sure our respective electronic realms were still intact (in case enyone was wondering, this is what I'm doing now). We became calmer and gained focus. We met people. We grew.

But with the restoration of our connection, all that growth is both-feet-down-the-toidy.

In the meanwhile, I've started teaching: five crops of hopelessly confused kindergarteners and a sprouting garden of bemused sixth graders. I have about three years of prep time every week, which is a beginning teacher's dream come true. But enough talk, because I know why you're all really reading my blog and all your holding out for pictures of cute foreign kids is about to pay off. These two are kindergarteners.

And these are narcissistic hoodlums fascinated with westerners and their cameras, God love 'em.

Got your fix? Good. I myself, I just can't get enough.

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