18 July 2005

AND having...

a great time.

So if I'm going to get used to writing travelogue, you're going to get used to reading it. I'm still in San Francisco. But the drive here affords one the pleasure of passing over the Altamont Pass, littered with windmills. When they're all moving at once, it's breathtaking. When they're not it's like an alternate energy graveyard.

Pictured above: Anne and Caitlin may be closer than they appear

Caitlin's dog Bonnie is a slobbering, energetic ball of mess. With ADD. You can imagine she likes the beach. Pictured is Charlotte, with whom I like to kick beached jellyfish. At the beach.

The next picture is of my personal assistant at work. You might not expect it but he's a bit of a control freak. Once he has an objective in sight, nothing can sway his mind from the task. In fact he can frequently be heard to repeat a "goal word" over and over again. Very task oriented. It's as though he's got something up his rear end...anyway, sometimes the tensions get heated between my personal assistant and Caitlin's. Charlotte often has to mediate, as neither of them have the best communication skills.