10 July 2005

This is what this looks like

I'm just so amazed what I can do with my new little soul-stealing machine! Today I took my camera to San Francisco and almost got myself killed taking pictures from the driver's seat. All for you, my faithful readers!

This is what the toll gate at the Bay Bridge looks like.

This is what the toll gate attendant at booth number eight looks like.

This is what the City of Lights being enshrouded by fog at about 6:48 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

This is what I look like after locking my keys in my car, engine still running.

This is what Charlotte's growing-back toenail looks like after having scraped it off on my fireplace about a month ago.

This is what the more distinctive part of Charlotte looks like at Java on Ocean.

Anybody know how they get those pieces of paper between the slices of cake?