14 July 2005

God the Holy Spirit

One of three new stained glass masterpieces--the others being, you guessed it, God the Father and God the Son--paning St. Peter Lutheran Church in Lodi, California. We learned this past Sunday from Rev. Robert Newton that in days when common people did not have the scriptures in their language, windows were used to tell the stories and illuminate Christ's message in their hearts. It's true, no picture in glass could replace his Word, but the messages in the windows remind of of some elemental truths about the Lord's interaction with us.

For one, many times our understanding or experience with Jesus surpasses words, just as we know that he has written eternity in our hearts. Knowledge of the Lord cannot always be written down.

Additionally, we can keep in mind that as much care as was put into making these windows, still more was put into creating each one of us, even those who do not know Jesus. Further, Jesus lights us like the sun lights the window. Without light, neither has meaning. Jesus, who lives in us, reveals himself through us. We can bring the message too.