09 July 2005

Bells and Whistles

Lookee what we got here, a shot of my bathroom mirror. And what's that in the mirror? That sleek black rectangle? I wish this photograph were capable of communicating just what a tasty little piece of equipment this camera is. I'd like to thank my parents and my godparents for this graduation gift; it'll help me bring you all to Taiwan with me! Or...to my backyard in sunny Lodi, California! That's right; I just couldn't wait for the golden hour for this shot. It's so bright you almost have to put on sunglasses.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of officially speaking to my entire home congregation. I'm planning to show a DVD I made about Taiwan; specifically it's about me going there. The sound is a little off so it kinda looks like it was dubbed. This is what gives it character. Alright! That should be enough text to make this post look aesthetically pleasing!